Holiday Season — Focus on Ornaments

Orders for ornaments are increasing every week and we expect our elves in the design and laser shop to be busy right up till Christmas Eve! We now have original designs for over 140 different dog breeds, as well as cat designs, horses, and a few others. Our specialty is creating unique and original designs, so if we don’t have a design, just ask and we may be able to create the design.

Our ornaments can be made from several types of wood, including maple, alder, red grandis, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. These are usually from finished wood with an acrylic clear coat. However, we also have unfinished maple, cherry, and walnut for a more rustic look or when someone wants to paint the ornaments. For a more reflective look, we have mirror acrylic in gold, silver, red, and pink. We can special orderother colors, but minimum orders may apply and it may take a week or longer for completion.

All of our wood and acrylic ornaments are packaged in hand stamped envelopes and come with a hand made jewelry wire hook in silver or gold. For a special touch, order our hooks adorned with a Swarovski crystal in your choice of color.

In addition to our wood and acrylic ornaments, we custom etch crystal ornaments or suncatchers. Our crystal suncatchers come in oval, round, heart, and other shapes. We etch the crystal with yourspecial message and designs. Crystal suncatchers are popular at any time of year or can be used as seasonal ornaments. Crystal suncatchers come with a ribbon or cord, but can be ordered with a beautiful beaded chain and adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Photo of Gold Pawprint Ornament

Engraved Pawprint Ornament in Gold Mirror Acrylic

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