About Daybreak’s Pet Legacies & Gifts

Daybreak’s Pet Legacies was founded in 2011 by Pat Brice and family members, Kara and Steve.  We are a small family business located in southeastern Minnesota.

We create most of our own designs and artwork, providing customers with original images and poems that we can engrave onto items we sell or that customers bring to us for engraving.

Our goal is to offer unique and original gifts, memorials, awards, and commemorative items that will be cherished and appreciated for years.  Whenever possible, we use US sourced woods and products for engraving; however, there are some very nice quality items that we purchase from domestic companies that have been imported.  All of our urns are currently made in the US, as are our wood plaques.

Pat and Kara are skilled machinists, as well as artists, each of us specializing in different mediums.  Kara is a linguistic artist, writing our original poems and verses.  She also is a pencil and charcoal artist with the ability to draw children, adults, and animals on canvas.  Pat is our photographer and graphic designer, creating the proofs and designing new products, such as the “Daisy Pony Farm” and “Dog Show” ring and figures.  Steve is our mechanic and woodworker, making many of our wood items, such as plaques and frames.

In 2013, Daybreak’s opened a shop on Etsy, where we offer many of our original design ornaments, keychains, magnets, jewelry, and a few other items: http://www.etsy.com/shop/daybreakspet