We create most of our original designs, artwork, and silhouettes from photos that we take or that have been provided for this purpose.  In addition to creating our own graphics and silhouettes, Kara creates original and unique poems and verses that we engrave on our products.  All of our original designs are copyrighted by Daybreak’s Pet Legacies & More LLC.

If you need an original design, artwork, drawing, silhouette, or other image for a special gift or occasion, we can usually create this for you and you would own the copyright.  However, you must own the rights to any photo or image that you provide for us to create your photo engraving or other design.  In some cases, you can obtain permission from an artist, but Daybreak’s Pet Legacies & More must be given permission to use it from the original artist or photographer.  Please note that taking an image off social media sites or the Internet does not give a person the right to use the image.

Kara is our pencil and charcoal artist. She can take your photo or several photos and create a stunning sketch or composite drawing on paper, canvas, or other medium. We can also take her drawing and engrave it on tile, marble, wood, granite, or leather.  E-mail us with your request. (Form here?)