Laser Machining Services

We are a full service laser engraving company. Although we specialize in pet memorials and commemorative items, we are skilled CNC (computer numerical control) machinists by trade. We know manufacturing and have been employed in the industry for decades.

Our laser machining services include:

  • Custom laser engraving of wood, plastic, and coated metal
    • Signs
    • Designs on items
  • Laser marking of metal using ceramic process
  • Machine Labels and Plates
  • Tile engraving
  • Glass engraving
  • Name it and we will quote it or tell you we can’t do it!

We use a Trotec CO2 laser engraving machine, which is a high-quality, accurate, and sturdy machine. Our size capacity is currently limited to about 18″ x 30″, which is adequate for most projects.

We have a rotary device for engraving round items, including wine glasses, steins, turned wood items, and more.

Our software experience includes PhotoShop, CorelDraw, FeatureCAM, Mastercam, PhotoGrav, and all standard word processing programs. We have experience with programming using G&M code on both mills and lathes. We transfered our skills to our business. We are highly skilled professionals with an eye for detail. Pat, owner/manager for Daybreaks’ Pet Legacies & More LLC, is a journeyman moldmaker with an MBA degree who has taught the machining trades for more than a decade.

Call Pat to discuss your Laser Machining requirements: 608-781-7787